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About Us

"The GoodHums name is a portmanteau of the words from the phrase "Good Health for Humans"

A pharmaceutical marketing start-up, co-founded by thoroughbred professionals from the field, with one core belief: "Challenging the Unchallenged" in the areas of MARKET ACCESS, PEOPLE PRODUCTIVITY and TREATMENT OUTCOME.
Our Diversified yet Synergetic portfolio supports our ambitions of delivering good health and makes our existence meaningful right from inception.
Our vision is to build a large and diversified PEOPLE ORGANIZATION through our belief in "challenging the unchallenged."


Our Value Proposition

Improving Treatment outcome

Improving Treatment

People Centric Market Access Model

People Centric Market
Access Model

Redefining People Productivity

Redefining People

Building Team not hierarchy

Building Team not


Our product portfolio offers an affordable range of solutions for diagnosis, treatment and/or management of your health conditions.

  •   Pain Management
  •   PH Management
  •   Rapid Test Kits
  •   Pregnancy Kits

Med Rep 2.0

Meet the new breed of Expert Medical Representatives.

  • Non- Hierarchical: MED REP V2.0 is our concept to contest the hierarchical arrangement of organizations and bestow confidence and trust in our RAINMAKERS to create a win-win model of self-growth and organizational win.
  • Amplifying the Entrepreneurial Ability: We believe you always need to be in the RING if you want to PLAY the game. Thus, while we continue to provide bigger and more complex roles for the career growth of our people, we ensure that they continue to be in the RING all along.
  • Captain v/s Coach: MED REP V2.0 is our belief to create a paradigm shift in envisioning the proficiency and potential of our field force in the healthcare industry.
  • Enabler for YOU: At GoodHums, we want you to achieve your dreams through flexible opportunities and synergistic, non-competing portfolios.